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As the world adjusts to life during a global pandemic, we are presented with various
challenges, especially for our aging populations. Abiding by our mission statement, Hope for
Dementia USA still wants to contribute to maintaining healthy minds in our aging population.


Healthy Minds require everything from preventing cognitive decline to protecting emotional
well-being (heavily influenced by frequent human connections). Here at Hope for Dementia USA, we asked ourselves how we could ease the pain of isolation as our elderly population is
quarantined from family, friends, and loved ones?

Hope for Dementia USA is looking to reconnect elderly patients with their loved ones
through our campaign, Restoring Connections.

We hope you can help.

As our senior population becomes isolated from their loved ones, we are hoping to
reconnect them virtually. We plan to do this by donating iPads to senior living facilities in the
Southern California area and beyond. With the help of virtual face-to-face communication, we
plan on uniting our elderly patients with their family and friends. This will benefit the hearts and
minds of our senior population as they continue to shelter in place during the pandemic.
Especially during these unprecedented times, Hope for Dementia USA strives to advocate
for our elderly population. Hope for Dementia USA needs your financial support to purchase
these iPads for distribution to senior living facilities.

Join us in Restoring Connections.

Note that 100% of proceeds go towards purchasing the iPads

Thank you in advance from the Hope for Dementia USA team.

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