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About Us

About Us
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Mission Statement

Hope for Dementia USA is dedicated to supporting the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dementia and other cognitive disorders.


Facilitate access to early detection of neurological cognitive ailments.

To educate and raise awareness about the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementia related illnesses.

To establish a Research Chair at an American University.


About Hope For Dementia

At Hope for Dementia USA, we are committed to changing the landscape of Dementia. Our goal is to ensure that every American has access to early screening. That means access to prevention, symptom deceleration and reversal. The more we diagnose and treat, the more we understand the disease the more headway we can make. We are here to let you know there is HOPE for dementia.

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Mission Statement

A Message from the CEO

I remember with excitement the day I called my father to tell him I was coming for a visit. At the time he was in an elderly care facility. He asked when I was coming, I responded in the summer! He then asked what season we were in and my heart sank. This man, a strong father, a retired physician had to ask me what season it was? It was then that I realized, firsthand what dementia had taken from him and from us.

It was at that point I knew I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to change my own future, but the only way to do that was to join the fight. At HFDUSA we want to coordinate and empower a large network of impassioned people. Our mandate is to educate and raise awareness while we empower innovation. Our ultimate goal is to interrupt the status quo. 

How can we create effective change? As we have with all diseases that have a treatment, early detection. The faster we know, the more we can do, the greater impact we can have; in standing up to Dementia. 

To intervene early is to change the course, to change the path forward, to provide more quality to their days.

There is HOPE for Dementia. We need to bring awareness to that HOPE, education to that population at risk, and research to those who want to interrupt and challenge the norm looking for a path we may not have seen.


You are not alone in the fight against one of the most common diseases of the aging population, we’ve got this!


The Faces of Our Organization


Cheryl Famili



Dave Manku

Chief Financial Officer


Denise Eidt


Meet The Team

Marjan Motie

Chief Scientific Officer


Shara Famili

Business Development Intern


Shaleen Parekh

Chief Administrative Officer


Diba Nayeri



Leena Rege

Legal Advisor 

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